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Are You His Rebound Girl?

  • On June 28, 2011

All women eventually dread being the one that a vulnerable guy turns to after his last relationship has ended. Helping him enjoy his newfound freedom and being the cushion that pads his newly broken heart is only the beginning. Next time you think you might be a guy’s rebound girl, remember the following red flags.

1. He’s freshly out of a relationship. This is the clearest warning sign, especially if he’s broken away from a long-term relationship. By immediately jumping into the playing field, he’s in what calls “fake closure” – thinking he’s over his ex, he’ll conceal his heartache and won’t allow himself ample time to move on (and that’s where you come in).

2. He excessively talks about his ex. A guy that’s fully moved on won’t waste time talking about the past. If your guy constantly sneaks his ex into your conversations (whether in a good way or bad), she’s still on his mind. If he’s stuck on the girl he once had, you’re not his top priority – she is.

3. He’s got pictures of his ex – everywhere. If your guy has pictures of his old news in his phone, near his bed, on his computer… yeah, you get the drift. With him holding onto these photos, he’s still holding on to her. Seeing old pictures will only make him miss his ex and remind him of what used to be.

4. He says he’s falling for you too soon. He’s trying so hard to have feelings for another woman that he may unintentionally lead you on.  Your guy thinks he’s ready to move forward when really he’s still attached to the thought of his ex.

5. He’d rather hook-up than hangout. He’ll hangout with you and take you out on dates, but won’t want to “rush” into anything serious. With him being a free agent, having fun with no strings attached is what he’s probably looking for.

Lust and habitual let-down go hand-in-hand with being a guy’s rebound girl. Once you’re aware of your status, the last thing you should do is rationalize his actions. If you’re suspicious with valid reason, it’s best to get out of the situation as quickly and drama-free as possible. Confront your guy and let him know that the gig is up. You’re in charge of your own heart, so don’t let it be broken unnecessarily.

  • I have been the rebound girl before and unfortunetly there is nothing you can do sometimes those signs do not show or he affirms that he is over her then bam he goes back! Currently I am the rebound with a guy. I think the only way to truely know is to look through his phone…lol I need to get a hold of it! You should write a blog about looking through phones? Haha i wonder what people think about it. I do it! And I think it is the only way to know, people lie! Everytime i have looked i have found something…but the thing is do you tell them you looked!

  • Guys can be suspicious in many ways. Girls, however, seem to have a tendency to not trust their womanly instincts. We may also try to be a voice of reason for what a guy is doing because we don’t want to believe it/we have feelings for them. It’s almost as if we willingly want to get hurt sometimes, you know? What I’ve listed here are general red flags, but each guy is different. I think looking through this guy’s phone only to find evidence that he’s lying shows that you don’t trust him and have a reason(s) not to! If you don’t mind my asking, are you in a relationship with this guy?

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