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Pink & Black | October 23, 2016

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Top Fashion Trends of Spring 2012

Top Fashion Trends of Spring 2012
  • On March 30, 2012

In honor of this lovely new year, and to conclude to my time here at Pink and Black, I will now present to you the trends that I predict will take off this year.

1. Color-blocking: It’s back. In case you don’t know, color blocking is when clothing or outfits are composed of large, generally geometric patches of solid colors. It’s not my favorite trend cause people can get it so wrong. Just be careful with this one.

2. Bulky Watches: Love, love, love. Big chunky men’s watches. Very chic right now. Michael Kors and Fossil are some of my favorite brands.

3. Studs: The “rocker-chic” look is very popular. Leather pumps and jackets with metal studs are hitting the shelves everywhere. You can go totally rocker: all sexy, black, and smoldering. Or you can just add one piece to a normal outfit for a little bit of edge.

4. Colored Denim: Colored jeans. Need I say more? Blue, red, yellow, pink. I’ve seen them all. Although, I have to say that red is among the most popular.

5. Sheer Tops: This one is carrying over from last year. Loose-fit flow-y tops that are slightly see through. They go well over bathing suits, so I predict they’ll last through the summer.

6. Thick Heels: Bye, bye stilettos. This year’s shoe scene stars thick, sturdy heels. I adore it! Steve Madden has some seriously amazing ones that I am dying to get my hands on!

7. Pleats: Okay, this one I got from InStyle. I haven’t seen it myself, but they’re the experts so they should know. They’re predicting pleated skirts and dresses to be big this year.

8. Blazers: Another one that is carrying over from 2011. I thought it would fade quickly, but the preppy, structured blazers are still going strong. They come in all different shapes and colors, so there’s a style for everyone. (Try them with some leather studded shoes if you’re looking to spice it up!)

9. Alex and Ani: This might just be around where I live, but Alex and Ani bracelets are all the rage. The once-small-and-local company has opened boutiques across the country selling their adorable expandable charm bracelets! A lot of celebrities have been spotted with arms laden with Alex and Ani! Do you have any? Or is it just New England?

10. Red and Leopard: My roommate (shoutout to Miss Chelsea!) was the first one that I saw rocking this inspired combination. I’ve grown to love it! A red coat with a leopard scarf or a red skirt and leopard top is the perfect combination of chic and attitudinal.

11. Hair streaking: It all started with Katy Perry and her crazy hair colors. Now we’re seeing more and more celebs with color streaks in their hair. Sienna Miller, Snookie, LC, Carrie Underwood, and my personal idol, Jenna Marbles, have all been spotted rocking pink hair!

12. Art Deco: This one goes along with color-blocking. But 30’s inspired geometrical patterns and silhouettes lined the red carpet at the Oscars, so I’m going to keep my eye out for this one!

In my semi-professional opinion, these are the trends that will be hot this year. I could be spot on, or I could be totally wrong! That’s what I love about fashion – you never can be positive which way it will go!

Photo Source: We Heart It
  • Gina Marie

    Your so right!!! Love you <3

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