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101: A Beginner’s Guide to Flirting

101: A Beginner’s Guide to Flirting
  • On June 20, 2012
By Amy Lauren

In a previous article, I wrote about how flirting is what usually stands between a boy and a girl having an easy and platonic friendship. I received some great feedback and would like to take this opportunity to delve a little bit deeper into an arena that seems to be causing trouble for some readers. So here I give you a brief overview of Flirting 101.

How to Flirt

There is a way to give off flirty vibes without being overly obvious about what you’re after. Desperation is not attractive! A subtle move like a tilt of the head closer to your shoulder and a dip of the chin closer to your chest will give you an innocent teasing look. Laughter is a big part of flirting, but don’t be fake about it. If something is funny, then you can let out a genuine laugh…and maybe place your hand on his arm for a brief moment to make sure he is feeling the connection as well.

How to Recognize Flirting

Teasing is a big part of flirting. This goes right back to the days of little boys tugging the hair of the little girls that they liked on the school playground. Although less mature guys may still resort to this strained attempt at physical association, nowadays, it’s more of a battle of the wits. A guy usually starts off his flirting by giving the girl he likes a nickname. Sometimes the nicknames are cute and sweet, but other times, they are funny to him and embarrassing to you. Either way, if he is calling you by a nickname that he has created especially for you, it’s the first sign of his flirting ways.

Guys, aside from teasing, also want to appear impressive to the women they like. If a guy is always talking himself up, sharing tidbits of information about himself that aren’t exactly relevant to a conversation, he is attempting to boost himself up in the way that you see him.

How to Read the Signals

There is always the possibility of someone seeing what they want to see in a situation, but sometimes a hug is just a hug. Maybe the guy is simply a naturally sarcastic person whose factory setting is to make fun of all of his friends. Maybe he’s just really arrogant and enjoys bragging about himself. However, usually if a guy is going out of his way to be seen by you, or talk to you, or make sure your attention is on him, chances are he is flirting with you.

This brings up the argument about whether or not, for this individual guy, flirting actually means anything. If he’s flirting with me, does that automatically translate into he has feelings for me and will act on those romantic feelings? Well, class, I’m sorry, but that’s a lesson for Flirting 102.

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