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Pink & Black | December 9, 2016

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The do’s and don’ts of summer school

The do’s and don’ts of summer school
Taylor Renwick

Two words: summer school. Perhaps you’re taking a class to get ahead, earn a better grade, learn something new, lighten the load for the following semester, or just for something to do over the summer. It may seem daunting to be in school during the summer months, which are typically meant for relaxation, but have no fear–here are some simple do’s and don’ts that will help you make the most of your experience.


Before registering for summer classes, consider taking the class online to save time and money.

A positive attitude can go a long way. Remember that you’re taking a summer class to benefit you.

Eat a healthy snack loaded with protein and other nutrients before class. The protein will help you maintain energy, boost your metabolism, and prolong your focus. Skipping sugary snacks and drinks ensures you’ll avoid an afternoon lull.

Take notes. Writing down information will help your brain absorb information better, and you’ll be more diligent during class.

Ask questions. Asking questions is a great way to stay engaged during lengthy lectures; it helps break up the class and allows you the opportunity to expand your learning experience

Dress for the weather. There is nothing worse than sweating in a stuffy classroom. You’ll be distracted by your discomfort so be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

Work ahead. Even though you are in school it is still summer vacation. By working ahead you’ll be able to participate in fun activities that inevitably come up at random.

Have fun! Summer classes are a great way to meet new people that have similar interests as you.


Assume that a course taken over the summer will be less challenging or worthy than courses taken during the regular school year. Keep in mind that it is a full semester’s course crunched into a few weeks.

Fall behind. Instructors are cramming a full semester’s worth of work into a limited amount of time. The class will move fast and work will pile up unexpectedly. Falling behind can make matters worse.

Take too many classes. You know yourself and your work habits better than anyone else. It is important for you to recognize what your academic capabilities are in order to avoid being overwhelmed.

Sit in the back of the classroom. If you sit in the back of the classroom you are more likely to get distracted by other things going on in the room, like the student in the second third row surfing the Internet. Sit up close so that you can hear the instructor better, see the board or screen, and avoid distractions.

Ultimately, remember that you have the opportunity to make the most of your experience. Don’t look at summer school as something to check off your to-do list. Look at it as the chance to better your education and better yourself.

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