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Pink & Black | December 9, 2016

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Revamp like a champ: Give your room a new look this summer

Revamp like a champ: Give your room a new look this summer
Ashley Hight

Let’s face it, no one likes seasonal cleaning. You rummage through unopened boxes, reminisce over photos you haven’t seen since high school, and contemplate throwing away clothes you’ve had for years that still have the tags on them. The feeling of getting rid of the old and making way for the new is therapeutic, but if you’re anything like me, your task seems incomplete somehow. Your room remains the same, only with less clutter and your efforts to better your feng shui have fell short. So this summer, when the hours are longer, your workload is lighter (hopefully), and your summer job or internship slips extra cash into your wallet, use that extra time and money to make-over your room completely and create a soothing atmosphere.

By far, the simplest way to alter your space both visually and therapeutically is by changing the wall color. Did you know there is an entire psychology devoted to colors? Don’t simply pick a color you like, but choose a color that reflects how you want to feel in your space. The best color options for bedrooms are purple, blue, green, or red. Avoid yellow, orange, or black. If you’re unsure of what color, My Colortopia has a great quiz to help narrow down shades.

The main feng shui of revamping your room is rearranging your furniture. Take it from a girl who decided on the perfect layout through trial and error. Avoid that hassle and pain of moving your bed eight times by checking out web apps first. The Make Room app from Urban Barn has dozens upon dozens of different room layouts and the option to input the dimensions of your furniture pieces. If you’ve successfully rearranged your bedroom and are itching to change more spaces, iVillage has perfect advice for tackling public areas of your home.

Once the larger tasks of moving furniture and painting walls are completed, focus on accents. Plants in bedrooms are a no-no. “They are growing, synthesizing, stretching, catalyzing,” says feng shui expert and Stanford grad, Dana Claudat, “and this is not the greatest energy to sleep with in close proximity.” If you opted not to paint your walls and keep them white, use your bedspread and pillows to accent the room by picking bright, bold, and textured patterns. Mirrors are risky, but when done appropriately “have the potential to inspire more prosperity.”

These are simply a few pointers to get you started in reinventing your space. If you’re really not sure what you want, Pinterest is always good for inspiration. Better Homes and Gardens is chock full of decorating tips. If you’re thinking, “How can I possibly create a room that amazing on my budget?!” I think you’ve forgotten the power and beauty of Ikea, fabric shops, and thrifty ways to transform any space on a budget.

 (Photo via Niche Interiors)

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