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Pink & Black | September 21, 2014

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About Daisha Easler

Daisha Easler

Daisha Easler

Daisha is a Public Relations graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College who recently accepted a job offer from PR Newswire in Cleveland, Ohio. She likes shopping, sushi, and Starbucks. Her interest in pop culture and passion for writing has led her to Pink and Black.

Posts By Daisha Easler

How to Prepare to Move in With Your Significant Other

September 17, 2014 |

When overnight bags get too annoying to pack and paying rent for two living spaces is just a waste of money, it may be time to move in together. Read More

5 Great Ways to Save on Beauty

September 11, 2014 |

Looking to scale back on the amount of money that goes into looking gorgeous? Read More

5 Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

September 10, 2014 |

Juggling work, school and all of your other responsibilities can be hard enough on its own without thinking about heading to the gym or cooking a well-balanced meal. Read More

Female Artists Who Rocked Summer 2014

August 25, 2014 |

Girl solo acts, which have quickly risen to the top, are rocking our summer this year. Read More

5 Reasons Not To Drink Too Much (Or At All)

August 21, 2014 |

Ever wake up hungover, completely embarrassed and full of regret? Read More

Why Women Should Stop Looking for Flaws in Men

August 8, 2014 |

This is really hard for us to admit but it’s time for us to stop nitpicking our boyfriends. Read More

Break the Communication Barriers Between Men and Women

August 4, 2014 |

It’s no secret that men and women communicate differently. It’s also no secret that those differences create barriers that result in conflict in romantic relationships. Read More

P&B Playlist: Summer Workout

July 24, 2014 |

Not all workout playlists have to include the cliche hits like “The Final Countdown” and Britney’s “Work Bitch”. Read More

Your Top Bra Problems, Resolved

July 10, 2014 |

There are so many things that go into finding the perfect bra. Read More

10 Post-Workout Gym Bag Essentials

July 9, 2014 |

One of the biggest drawbacks of hitting the gym is the inability to feel fresh enough to make plans after an intense workout.

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