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Pink & Black | May 27, 2015

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About Daisha Easler

Daisha Easler

Daisha Easler

Daisha is a Public Relations graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College who recently accepted a job offer from PR Newswire in Cleveland, Ohio. She likes shopping, sushi, and Starbucks. Her interest in pop culture and passion for writing has led her to Pink and Black.

Posts By Daisha Easler

When To Ask Those Questions With Your S.O.

May 27, 2015 |

Some of us are approaching our twenties and some are already there. Read More

Celebs Who Had Careers Before They Became Famous

May 20, 2015 |

We admire any celebrity who has work experience outside of the entertainment world.

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How To Handle A Friendship Break-Up

May 15, 2015 |

If you’ve ever had a falling out with a friend or maybe you just grew apart, you already know that bestie break-ups are like relationship splits—but different. Read More

Why Internships Pay Off

May 5, 2015 |

While working your butt off in school is important, as you get closer and closer to graduating, gaining real life experience should become a major priority.

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Master Class: Self-Tanner

April 24, 2015 |

If you’re not a big fan of the great outdoors or just don’t have time to sunbathe, self-tanner will be your best friend this spring and summer. Read More

Plant Life For Beginners

April 22, 2015 |

Whether you’re a newbie to the world of chlorophyll or thinking about adding a pop of color to your living space, there are a few things you need to know about maintaining your plants.

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4 Hot Books That Aren’t ’50 Shades’

April 9, 2015 |

Now that you’ve devoured the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, what’s next?

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5 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty-Free

March 26, 2015 |

Searching for products that fulfill your beauty needs but are also in line with your morals and values?  Read More

5 Celebrities Who Rocked Unicorn Hair

March 18, 2015 |

Celebs love making bold statements and expressing themselves through fashion. Read More

How To Cook For One

March 10, 2015 |

Grocery shopping for just yourself can be tough because the serving sizes are made to accommodate 2-6 people. Read More